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LutetiaOne of the grand hotels in Paris is the Lutetia. Built in 1910 under the direction of two of the greatest architects of the day, Hotel Lutetia was the first Art Deco hotel in Paris.

Situated in the literary and artistic centre of Paris, several painters and writers have stayed or made their home at the luxury hotel including Matisse, Andre Gide, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Picasso.… Read full article

My visit to Saint Jean de Luz in the south of France, just north of Spain, was on a cruise a couple of years ago. As I wandered the streets of this Basque coastal fishing village, I really enjoyed the quaint shopping area as well as the restaurants which specialize in local basque cuisine.… Read full article

St Paul de Vence, in the south of France, is one of the country’s2004_0928Image0048 most charming medieval walled villages dating back to the 13th century. Ramparts were erected during the second half of the 14th century and two of the original towers can still be seen.… Read full article

….I just love that song  “I Love Paris”…especially the Frank Sinatra version.  Though when I sing it, I often get the words mixed up….”drizzles…..sizzles….” …whatever!  My favorite line is, “…why oh why do I love Paris?”   It’s my favorite line because whenever I sing it, I start to think about all the things I DO love about Paris.… Read full article

Enjoy Christmas shopping in Paris amidst the festive lights and holiday decorations of this beautiful city. Visit the chic boutiques, designer shops, Christmas markets and more. Then as a special treat, take the high speed train to Strasbourg to visit the oldest and most well-known Christmas market in France.… Read full article

The summer sales are in full swing in Paris and it is no surprise what people will do for a good sale. Braving the crowded shops, boutiques and outlet malls, shoppers will save up to 70 percent off designer brands, fashion trends, accessories and more.… Read full article

You know its January in Paris since today is the official start  (January 6th) of the winter sales in Paris. Let the crowds and lines begin, as shoppers take their places in line at their favorite shops. Braving the winter Paris weather all take advantage of the great discounts on local and big name designers and goods in any shape and size.… Read full article

Oh how I love to shop in Paris! You can find about anything and if you pay close attention to the merchandise in the shops and to what the fashionable Parisians are wearing, you can even see where the fashion trends are heading.… Read full article

Who can resist buying a little something to take home as a treasured memory of their trip to France. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order.

I think I buy a beautiful scarf everytime I go to Paris from either a outdoor vendor or my favorite scarf shop, Selection Privee on rue de Rivoli.… Read full article