Burgundy has a splendid selection of Romanesque and Gothic Cathedrals, churches and abbeys to be discovered. Wine enthusiast can savor the fine wines of the region and tour the vineyards that wind through the seemingly endless wine routes. Biking from vineyard to vineyard has never been easier in this region of world-class vineyards that lies between Beaune and Dijon. Another wonderful way to take in the intoxicating scenery is to enjoy a balloon excursion from a vineyard or take a relaxing barge cruise.

France-Comte borders Switzerland and it is showcased by the Jura Mountains. This region is known for its yellow and desert wines. It has plenty of fish due to the many rivers and streams that wind through this dramatic landscape. Christmas markets in Montbellard are among the regions finest. If you want a change of pace you can be stunned by an architectural masterpiece by Le Corbusier, stroll by 16th and 17th century houses and Renaissance palaces, and even see the Peugeot Museum. Contact us to learn more and create a customized holiday.

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