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Paris Sales – A shoppers delight

You know its January in Paris since today is the official start  (January 6th) of the winter sales in Paris. Let the crowds and lines begin, as shoppers take their places in line at their favorite shops. Braving the winter Paris weather all take advantage of the great discounts on local and big name designers and goods in any shape and size. This  might seem a bit insane, but with discounts between 20% to 80% who can resist?  Wow, that might be worth the wait in line or even worth a trip to France!

The government regulates sales, so June and July are the times when the sales can take place and shoppers get to take advantage of these deep discounts. Otherwise you might try the outlet mall just outside of Paris called La Vallee Village. Their site is www.lavalleevillage.com/fr_FR/ and the official site for the Paris sales is www.shoppingbyparis.com/

Get ready, get set, SHOP!

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