The Languedoc-Roussillon is a southern region where the Pyrenees Mountains run to the scenic coast and the Mediterranean Sea. This sun drenched, region is known for its French table wines and incredible gourmet specialties. The cuisine has a strong Catalan influence and a unique flavour that is sure to be memorable and delicious.

There are many coastal towns and ports that allow you to enjoy the beaches and the glistening Mediterranean. A region of festivals that include water jousting, music, bull fighting and international folkdance all take place here. Art treasures, ancient sights and medieval villages like the Pont du Gard and Carcassonne are welcome distractions when you are ready to go beyond the unforgettable scenic drives and views along the Vermillion Coast.

The beautiful Midi Pyrenees that divides France and Spain is know as the Pyrénées. This creates a picturesque drive for the visitors each year that flock to Lourdes, or enjoy the many outdoor activities or even exploring Canal du Midi that runs from Toulouse to the Mediterranean. Contact us for more ideas on your next journey.

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