Normandy is a land of picturesque half-timbered houses, lush green pastures and apple orchards all linked with a rich culinary tradition based on its local products of butter, cream, world famous cheeses and apples. But for most it holds a sorrowful history at the D-Day beaches and sights or perhaps the grandeur of the fortified island of Mont Saint Michel.

Easy to access from Paris is Giverny with Monet’s house and garden still waiting for visitors to enjoy. Rouen is also easy to arrive from Paris via rail and the history of Joan of Arc is evident here as are the ties to Monet who painted the cathedral in an interesting series on light.

Explore more of Normandy and you will lean more about the Impressionists and what drew them to the coastal areas like the charming port city of Honfleur, cliffs at Etretat, or even the glamorous Deauville. Or perhaps discover more about the regions history  of WWII or even William the Conqueror.

Make it a point to stay a little longer in the area and get to know the Norman people, as they some of the most welcoming in France. Contact us to begin planning your visit to Normandy.

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