Paris - Ile-de-France

Ile de France is the area that encompasses Paris and its surrounding region. As one of the most visited destinations in Europe, Paris has something for everyone.

Paris is a magnificent city and often called “The City of Lights”. The charm of Tour Eiffel twinkling in the distance as you walk along the Seine or cruise in the night air. Window shopping along the Champs Elysées is an absolute must to feel simply Parisian. Superb museums and monuments for the art and history lovers await exploration and discovery. World class food and wine can be experienced and savored at many wonderful restaurants and cafes throughout the city. Quaint street markets and beautiful gardens invite you to picnic or relax on a lazy afternoon. Paris is a city easy to navigate and even easier to enjoy, with so much to do and see that you will return time and time again. Let us create your customized stay in Paris.

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