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We are entering the bloom season for lavender in Provence, and if you have never stood amidst the blanket of purple and breathed in it’s fragrance, than you have missed out on a amazing experience!

“The Lavender Route” in France connects over 2,000 producers of the plant, which is primarily used in perfumed and medicinal products.… Read full article

Ok. I’ll admit it. I’m excited about the Tour de France. I know…it’s still a couple weeks away, starting June 29th, but I’m already getting ready. For one thing, I am a bicyclist. Not like the ones you see riding in the Tour….far from it.… Read full article

d day beaches

When June begins, and the anniversary of D-Day approaches, I can’t help but think about my time to Normandy. On one particular occasion when visiting the area with a dear friend whose own father was in WWII (though not in Europe) the idea of visiting the beaches and the American Cemetery on his behalf, was something very important to to her.… Read full article

Sitting on the train heading from the South of France to Paris, I am always taken with the spectacular view of the French countryside. What a great way to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery!

Summer has begun with a beautiful symphony of color.… Read full article

This deserves a mention…..as I have actually driven the first one on this Danger list, Col de Turini in France. It was indeed a scary and exciting drive that I will always remember.

Take a look at the list and see which ones you have already done and can check off your travel list or maybe you can discover a few to add to your must do list.… Read full article