Auvergne and Rhone Alps

The Auvergne is home to more than 80 extinct volcanic craters. It is rich with thermal pools, natural springs and mineral waters. You will find magnificent spa towns that are sprinkled throughout the region. Explore a medieval chateaux that can be seen rising up in the distance of this incredible area of France. Although, the Auvergne is known for its mineral water, but equally popular are its dry white wines from the Bourbonnais region. The region has many acclaimed cheeses and culinary specialties that will be sure to delight you.

The Rhone Alps encompasses the area of the French Alps and the Rhone River Valley. This area is known for its soaring peaks with glamorous ski resorts, mountainside villages and elegant spa towns, but at the same time it is also defined by the fine wines of the Rhone Valley, the gastronomic and cultural pleasures of Lyon and the historical sites dating back to ancient Rome. Contact us to design a unique travel experience just for you.

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