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The Best Things In Life – Paris Shopping

Oh how I love to shop in Paris! You can find about anything and if you pay close attention to the merchandise in the shops and to what the fashionable Parisians are wearing, you can even see where the fashion trends are heading.

Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements (districts), which means that each one of these neighborhoods has its own little area with a super market, bakery, restaurants, etc, but when it comes to doing some serious shopping it is best to head to the most popular areas. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for haute couture or searching for incredible bargins, Paris has something for everyone.

Of course you can start with the old stand bys and visit the grand department stores of Paris, like Galleries Lafayette, Printemps or Bon Marche. These stores. of course offer everything from home furnishings to fashion and even gourmet goodies for all the food lovers. The great selections at these stores can make it easy to spend the better part of a day shopping for all your needs, but it is the smaller shops that often offer some unique and interesting items.

For really exclusive shopping, the area Faubourg Saint Honore is the real pulse of fashion. Even if you can afford to shop here, it can be fun to window shop. You will find big name designers here ones that you know and others that you may not be familiar with, but have exquisite goods.

Don’t forget about all the markets throughout Paris  where you will be able to find lots of items from clothing to fruits and veggies. Also, the special Christmas markets that are in Paris and throughout France where you can get confections of all kind, hand made crafts and loads of other great gifts. Check out our list of Paris Markets  at https://www.francejourneys.com/ParisShopping.htm .  Email us at voyage@francejourneys if you want a list of this years Paris Christmas markets before you go.

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