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Similarly to its western neighbor (the Fifth), the Sixth has a reputation for being one of the more scholarly districts. L’École des Beaux-Arts de Paris is located in this district, as well as the French Senate and Académie francaise. This left bank arrondissement is home to some of the most historic moments in Paris, particularly in philosophy and the arts.… Read full article

giverny-monet-garenBy June, the flowers in my neighborhood are really starting to blossom. The lilacs have busted out, and the fragrance as I pass on my bike is simply intoxicating. Riding through the nearby meadows, wild with color, reminds me of my visit to Giverny, France and discovering the magical and yet peaceful place that was once home to one of my favorite artists, Claude Monet.… Read full article

Arles cafeVincent Van Gogh has always been one of my favorite artists. I love his paintings, but I’m even more intrigued by his life. Several years ago I visited Arles, a town in the south of France where Van Gogh spent some time painting, and enjoyed many of the characteristics of the area that drew Van Gogh to it.… Read full article

Ahhhh, L’amour! Checkout the most  “Kissable” Spots in Paris for you and your Valentine.

 When you think about the most romantic cities in the world, Paris would have to be high on most peoples’ list. Is it any wonder, that both honeymooners and romantics alike flock to this “City of Light” to discover l’amour?… Read full article

As many times as I have traveled to Paris, I never get tired of strolling through the world class museums. Museum favorites are definitely a personal choice, but for me it is not the Louvre or even the d’Orsay that speak to my soul.… Read full article

Coming soon all persons under 25 will be admitted free to French National Monuments and Museums. Thanks to French President Sarkozy, who stated this will go into effect April 4, 2009. Get ready to see all and save a few bucks!… Read full article