...It's All In The Experience

Wine Tours In France, It’s All In the Experience

France is loved for many things, but to those wanting to learn about wine or even take their expertise to the next level France is a definite must for your next wine adventure. The wines made throughout the varied regions of France each reflect the unique terroir and the winemakers passion. Enjoying a bottle of French wine with friends is a great to experience that can happen anywhere, however taking a customized wine tour to meet the winemaker, understand their passion, learn about the winemaking process and to discover some incredible new wines will be an experience to remember.

Wine tours and tastings can create can be a one of a kind experience with  friends and family.  It creates memories that you will remember the next time you open a bottle from a particular winemaker or restaurant where you had a bottle of a special vintage, or even a wine from a certain producer or even wine region.  A customized journey will take you on a discovery of wine, but  it will also  immerse you in the local culture and people as well.  Your journey will include specially selected boutique or luxury hotels, meals of local specialty foods and even pairings with the local wines.

France Journeys invites you experience a customize tour with our expert wine guides, sommeliers, and local wine makers that will take you on an incredible insider journey to taste, sample, and learn about the wine, terroir and culture of France.

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