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Summer Train Travel in France – Magnifique!

Sitting on the train heading from the South of France to Paris, I am always taken with the spectacular view of the French countryside. What a great way to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery!

Summer has begun with a beautiful symphony of color. It begins with the blue sea or the Cote d’Azur that is set off by an array of cliffs and mountains. As the train makes its way down the track, some of the perched villages high above the sea become visible and as the journey continues throughout Provence the colorful lavender and sunflower fields are never a disappointment. The train then leads to gently rolling hills, farmland and vineyards. This patchwork scenery with farmland and animals, an occasional chateau and clusters of houses with stately church steeples rising from within the small village really are a great reminder of the history and even present day lifestlye of this beautiful land.

The closer the train gets to Paris the landscape tames with each kilometer. Now all the mountains in the background and gentle hills and rivers in the foreground have turned into forests and fields. It is almost noon and as we approach Paris there is still a hint of the moon in the sky, but as the train slows the landscape suddenly turns to city.

I recommend trying a train trip while in France or Europe for a glimpse of the diverse scenery that awaits. A rail pass will give you the flexibility to stop along the way and see some of the charming towns and then continue on to your destination. Although, I advise that you make a point during summer of getting train reservations for some trains that may be crowded. It helps to plan ahead during this peak season, but you will have a journey worth remembering. Magnifique!

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