Paris Museums Guided Tour

Discover your choice of National Museums throughout Paris with a private walking tour. Your expert guide will share the secrets and history of the many art treasures found in Paris. Select the museum you wish to explore the Louvre, Orsay, Invalides, Rodin, Moyen-age / Cluny, Picasso, Gustave Moreau, Palais Garnier, or Orangerie,


Guided walking tour with licensed guide. Select from…..

Louvre (closed Tuesdays)

The Mona Lisa, the Vénus de Milo, the Victory of Samothrace…discover these masterpieces and other hundreds in the Louvre museum, the former palace of the kings of France, dedicated to art of the Ancient world and the West until the mid-19th century. The most beautiful and the largest museum in the world.

Orsay (closed Mondays)

Settled in the former Orsay railway station built in 1900 the Orsay museum inaugurated in 1986 covers all the creation from the second half of the 19th century (1848-1914). From Courbet to Matisse, through the Impressionists, Van Gogh, Gauguin and the Art nouveau (Modern’ style).

Invalides (open everyday)

French military history from the middle ages to 1945. Third collection in the world of arms and armours. Objects, uniforms, engravings, paintings and pictures. Napoleon’s tomb. New rooms dedicated to the Second World War were inaugurated on June 18th 2000.

Rodin (closed Mondays)

A delightful museum occupying the house and garden where the sculptor once lived. Among the works on display, you’ll see “The Kiss”, “The Thinker”, “Balzac”, “The burghers of Calais”, and several works by Rodin’s companion Camille Claudel.

Centre Pompidou (closed Tuesdays)

One of the most visited cultural center in the world, colored pipes, suspended escalator and one of the nicest views over Paris roofs.
The Georges Pompidou Center houses the National Museum of Modern Art which offers a panorama of 20th century art: from Matisse to Picasso and the cubists, including Braque and Léger, through the abstractionists, with Kandinski and Pollock up to a rich collection of contemporary art.

Moyen-âge / Cluny (closed Tuesdays)

Exceptional collection of objects, statues, and tapestries from the middle ages including the celebrated Lady and the Unicorn and the heads of Kings from the façade of Notre-Dame displayed in a room from the ancient Gallo-Roman thermal baths.

Picasso (closed Mondays)

The largest collection of Picasso’s art housed in a beautiful Marais mansion. Blue period, Pink period, Cubism, Surrealism and later periods through 250 paintings, 160 sculptures and more than 1500 prints, stuck papers, ceramics…

Gustave Moreau (closed Tuesdays)

Once the residence and studio of the symbolist painter, teacher of Matisse and Rouault. The house is crammed wall to wall with his paintings and drawings, a journey through his fantasies and obsessions . (“Les Prétendants”, “Jupiter et Sémélé”, “Salomé”, “Fleur Mystique”) and almost abstract sketches.

Palais Garnier (open everyday)

Opened in 1875, the Opera Garnier is one of the most extraordinary monuments in Paris, awash with guilt in the grand Foyer just restored, and fifteen different kinds of colored marbles. Painted Ceiling by Chagall.

Orangerie (closed Tuesdays)

The Walter-Guillaume collection holds work by Soutine, Cézanne, Renoir, Picasso, Derain, Matisse, Rousseau and Modigliani. Downstairs: Monet’s famous ‘Water Lilies’.

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