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  • France Travel Specialists

    France Journeys specializes in custom travel to France that offers exceptional tailor-made itineraries, luxury concierge services and travel experiences. Anything is possible with our first-hand destination knowledge that allows us to create exclusive journeys that highlight the people, places, culture, and flavors of France. Call to speak with a France Travel Specialist or send us an inquiry to begin planning your journey.

    Wine Tours in France, Experience the Passion

    Posted on August 11th, 2016 vineyards
    It is easy to understand why so many people love French wine. These are wines made throughout the varied regions of France that reflect the unique terroir and the winemakers passion. Enjoying a nice bottle of French wine is a great to experience, but taking a customized wine tour to meet the winemaker, understand their passion, and learn about the winemaking process is another way to take your experience to the next level.… Read full article

    France Travel Safety Tips

    Posted on July 22nd, 2016
    So many people these days are worried if it is still safe to travel to France and Europe. While some might be scared off and think about postponing there travels, I am from the mindset that we can keep traveling if we make some minor adjustments that may become the new standard or at the very least a bit of sound advise. As always, security is a number one concern when traveling abroad.… Read full article