Saint Emilion Wine and Village

Excursion to the charming village of Saint Emilion You will have the possibility of joining a wine tasting session in the village or we can arrange a private tasting at an area vineyard. You will also have time to discover the charming village dating back to medieval times and learn about its history.


Excursion to the village of Saint Emilion.The history of the village goes back to medieval times and the whole jurisdiction is classified as UNESCO World Heritage for its natural landscape. The village is made up of fascinating Romanesque churches and ruins stretching all along steep and narrow streets. Concerning the wines of Saint Emilion, known as the right bank, the Romans were the ones who originally planted the vineyards as early as the 2nd century. Reminders of the Roman techniques of wine planting can be seen in some of the estates such as chateau Bellevue owned by world famous Angelus winery. The village was named after the monk Émilian (which then derived into Emilion), a traveling confessor, who settled in a hermitage carved into the rock in the 8th century.

Arrive in Saint Emilion and enjoy a guided walking tour or book our exclusive private guided tour of the underground monuments of Saint Emilion including the monolithic church. Once the tour is over you have the possibility of joining a wine tasting session free of charge in the village. Depart from bordeaux.

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